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Therapy at ProFitness

Below are the therapy options available at ProFitness.

Lou Campasano PT, MS

Owner of C.A.M.P physical Rehab 

C.A.M.P is a movement and performance-based Physical Therapy practice that specializes in helping individuals address pain, weakness and/or limited mobility to perform at their optimal level. Whatever the cause, we utilize a comprehensive and systematic approach geared to individually address the underlying biomechanical and neurophysiological processes that lead to physical imbalance and injury. Lou is a Physical Therapist and functional movement specialist. After receiving his B.S in Health Sciences and obtaining his Athletic Trainer Certification (ATC) in 1999 from Lock Haven University, Lou continued and graduated from The University of Miami with his M.S. in Physical Therapy. Lou was granted the Directors Award upon graduation after obtaining his certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation (2000) and then went on to work for the Emory Dizziness and Balance Center as a PT and researcher. Lou continued to work over the next 20 years with patients of all ages with orthopedic and neurological conditions. It was Functional Movement Systems outlook on regional interdependence that brought him to obtain multiple FMS certifications. Lou has advanced training in manual therapy, joint and soft tissue manipulation and sports medicine as well as being certified in Dry Needling by the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Lou has had the opportunity to work with several professional mixed martial artists, yoga practitioners and minor league professional sports teams including the Trenton Titans (Hockey) and Trenton Steel (Arena Football).

Email or call to schedule a Physical Therapy Evaluation, Functional Movement Screen and Individualized Group/Team Training.

Phone (864)-902-5902 

Fax (864)-754-6232

Savannah Jenson


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